Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Small Cross by Mary Konior

Finally, I'm finished 'Small Cross' by Mary Konior from 'Tatting with Visual Patterns'. The last time I was fished first rounds and when I was start 2nd rounds I can't chosen matching color threads. So I bought one thread for matching. And I'm happy now. It was used Lizbeth 'Royal Wave(143) 'Royal Blue(652) in size 20.
And now I began snowflake by Jon from 'Jon's Snowflake Collection'. Its name is 'Milky Way', but I was represented by  flowers.

Today is September 1. I will try to start a weight loss from this month. I really like junk food. But we should try to refrain. This is the biggest problem. Give me courage.


  1. Mary Konior is my favorite designer! I really like the colors you're working with.

  2. Your cross looks wonderful! :)
    I love the colors you chose for the Milky Way! They are outstanding! :)
    Good luck on your weight loss!!! My daughter and I will start ours when it cools off enough. We love and live on junk food so we understand. :)

  3. Pretty colours! Nice work. You are one fast tatter!
    Fox : ))