Thursday, September 30, 2010

ing.. Purple and Teal Square Doily #2

Hi!! Every one.. Long time no see.. : )
I'm having a very busy time.. I was working overtime everydays.
My Big doily finished 8 rounds. I made a mistake at 9 rounds.
It start with 10 round, I found to missed ring. : (
So I have to start again 9 rouns. So my big doily was finished 8 rounds.
Today is last day of September 2010. South Korea is now the autumn and have clear sky.
This picture was taken from the company's roof at tea time.

Have a happy days.. and please wait for me when I will finish this doily. :) 


  1. The colors look beautiful together! Please show pictures of autumn in South Korea... I'd love to see photos of your country at different times of year!

  2. The doily is working up beautifully. I'm sorry about the mistake you found, don't you just hate having to go back and redo the work?