Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snowflake #2

It leads to the last motif is the second motif for 25 motif challenge. This pattern is from Festive also. This snowflake have 2 rounds. I used spend and rest threads in center ring. This is done in Lizbeth's threads 'Sherbert Delight(108)' and 'Tropical Punch(132)' for 1 round. And used 'Christmas Green Mix(152)' and 'Evergreen Dark(685)' for 2 round.

I used 4 threads for Palm-sized snowflake. Amazing is not it? So my tatting shuttle is empty and I'm happy!!

This doily is now being created. Probably will be completed in the this week. maybe.. :). I think, if makes using variaous threads, it will be a good tea coasters set item. However, it will practice is unknown.


  1. I love this snowflake of many colors! It's so unique! :)

  2. I like the dark green on the outside of the snowflake. It really sets off the center.

  3. That green thread is beautiful! Nice tatting!
    Fox : )