Monday, August 23, 2010

Last weekend's I..

Hello, everyone. Did you have a good weekend?
KOREA is summer season, the weather is so hot and humidity at last weekend. So I didn't tatting. Today is rainy. According to weather cast, the rainy weather is all week.
And today lunch time, I also started 'stars in clover' by jon. I'm reflect about they does not finished and starting.

I will finished them this week. This is promise to myself.


  1. The Stars in Clover will look great when done. Also love the colour of your pink shuttle,very unusual!

  2. It's very easy to have several tatting projects going at once. I can see four from where I'm sitting right now. I love being able to pick up different projects as the mood hits me.

    I also like your pink shuttle. That's a color that's not available here, as far as I know. We may have to have a shuttle swap some time!

  3. I usually have at least 2 tatting projects going at one time. one bigger one, then a smaller one that I can finish in a week or less. I am loving your work! I must run off to see if I can find the Stars in Clover pattern you are working on!

  4. Both of your projects are looking great!
    Love the autumn colors on the second! :)